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Both girls were abducted a month apart from the Oklahoma City area. One was later found dead; the other is still missing.

(L) Judith Ann Elwell (R) Brenda Lois White (Photos/The Daily Oklahoman via

Two of the boys were killed together; the other one nearly two years later.

(L-R) Mark Mott; John Purtell; Ralph Burns (Photo/The Sydney Morning Herald)

An intruder crept into the child’s bedroom and abducted her as her brother slept in the same room.

Graeme Bartlett, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lauren Hickson, 4, was last seen walking away from her residence with Neville Towner, 23; her partially nude body was found in a creek the following day.

Lauren Hickson riding her bicycle at the Nepean River Caravan Park in Australia shortly before her murder. (Photo/

Police insisted the 10-year-old boy ran away from home, but he has never been found.

Image by Terry D’Entremont from Pixabay

Mitchell’s life spiraled downward after his family died in the Jonestown Massacre and ended following a horrific act of violence.

Photo by Sterling Davis on Unsplash

Her mother gave inconsistent statements and stopped cooperating with the police.

A stranger abducted Morgan in broad daylight from her apartment complex in Kentucky; her remains were found three months later in Tennessee.

Morgan Jade Violi/Facebook

Teen left home to hunt on his family’s Mississippi property and was found dead hours later from a single gunshot wound to the head.

The little girl disappeared while playing outside her family’s apartment in December 1989; her skull was later found in March 1991.

Theresa Hernandez -White and Sim /Find A Grave.

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