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The woman was panhandling at a local McDonald’s restaurant the day before her disappearance.

Randa David Jawhari/NamUs

Cheryl Anne Scherer/Facebook

A fisherman and his children found the young woman dead in a local river with blunt force injuries to her head.

Quad-City Times via

The family of three lost their lives in three separate unexpected and tragic circumstances.

Find a Grave

The teen girl disappeared within a small time frame while other campers were nearby; search parties found no trace of her.

The Fresno Bee via

Emma Kelty was on a solo kayaking trip along the Amazon River when a gang of men attacked and killed her.

Photo by Emma Kelty/Twitter

The young woman sublet a room in her apartment to the murderous duo.

Loretta Saunders/Facebook

A drug dealer nearly killed Brooks more than a year before her murder; she agreed to testify against him at trial. Was that crime tied to her murder?

Tanya Jean Brooks/

The boy wandered away from his group while hiking in the Santa Catalina Mountains and vanished into thin air.

Randy Doyle Parscale Jr./Doe Network

The young girl disappeared during a snowstorm while running an errand for her family.

Moira Anderson

Debra Buck

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