Lost in L.A. — The Disappearance of Crystal Ann Tymich

Missing girl Crystal Ann Tymich
Missing girl Crystal Ann Tymich

Crystal Ann Tymich was born in Los Angeles, California, on September 23, 1987, to Jane Newman and Mario Tymich and grew up in South-Central Los Angeles. It is unclear if her parents ever married, but in 1994, she split her time between Jane’s home in Santa Monica and Mario’s in the Hyde Park district near Inglewood.

Mario Tymich resided at 6018 Brynhurst Avenue. Crystal was visiting him on June 30, 1994. It was the last time he ever saw his little girl.

On that day, Crystal and her brothers were throwing peaches over the roof of a house to see who could throw the farthest. The boys ran home when they heard their grandmother calling for them because the family was going to watch “The Lion King.” When the boys looked back, Crystal was gone.

Search for Crystal Ann Tymich

More than 100 police officers with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) searched for Crystal Ann Tymich in the 6000 block of Brynhurst Avenue but failed to find any clues leading to Crystal’s whereabouts.

The little girl’s disappearance prompted LAPD to call a localized tactical alert, which kept officers on duty after their shifts ended. LAPD canceled the alert at 4:30 a.m. on July 1, 1994, but continued searching for Crystal on their regular shifts with zero luck.

Jane Newman said that Mario’s neighbors had seen Crystal wandering off several times on June 30th and brought her back to her brothers. Jane also said Crystal had talked about running away.

1996 — Present Day

In early 1996, Detective Tim Brewer of the Corvallis Police Department in Corvallis, Oregon, asked for the public’s help in locating Crystal Ann Tymich after she was reportedly seen near the Corvallis/Benton County Public Library and Cub Foods in September and October 1995. However, the authorities provided no further information.

In 1997, Norm Wigginton and Rebecca Gold put Crystal Ann Tymich’s photograph on the backs of four Wigginton’s Plumbing Services trucks, along with pictures of two other missing Southern California girls (Deseret News, May 25, 1997). Those two girls were Nancy May Huang, 14, missing since April 30, 1996, and Jessica Eva Hill, 9, missing since September 2, 1995. Jessica was found in 2010. Her mother had taken her away from her abusive father. It is unclear what happened to Nancy. No information is available on her.

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Crystal’s case was revived in 2005 when more than 100 law enforcement officials searched the house directly across the street from Mario’s.

Authorities never publicly said if the search was linked to Crystal’s disappearance. The only things they found were animal and fish bones.

In 2005, Jeffrey Tymich, Crystal’s brother, said that a female reverend lived in that house at the time of his sister’s disappearance. She often invited the neighborhood kids into her home for religious services. She did not live there in 2005, and her identity is unknown.

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There has been little activity with this case since the search of the neighbor’s home in 2005. The family has set up a Facebook page for Crystal.

Crystal Ann Tymich would have turned 32 years old on September 23, 2019.

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Age Progression to 29 years old


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