The 1968 Disappearance of Allan Whyte and Maureen Braddy

The young couple vanished without a trace from a YMCA dance in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

Allan Whyte and Maureen Braddy. Photo credit: Australian Missing Persons Register


Bendigo, Victoria


In 2001, Detective Sargeant Brendon Murphy of the Homicide Squad at Bendigo Police Department reopened the case after receiving new information and declared it a murder investigation.


In October 2009, Stanley Braddy, Sr. gave a strange interview with the Herald Sun in which he claimed Maureen passed away in 2008 under a different name.

Stanley Braddy on A Current Affair. Photo credit: Facebook


In November 2011, the Victorian Coroners Court granted the victims’ families a one-week inquest into the decades-old case. The first hearing occurred on March 26–28, 2012, and the second on March 18–21, 2013.

“Dad — later he came into our bedroom. He switched on the light. He came over to my bed. He put his hand on the side of my face and then he went to Lynnie, and as he left the bedroom he switched the light off.”

Debra pretended to be asleep.

“They came from around the camellia bush towards the window. I saw — I noticed one of them was my father. I looked and I thought to myself, “Oh, what’s he up to?” I noticed he was in the company of another man and I noticed that they were holding something. As they got closer, I realized what they were holding was a young person. I couldn’t really tell you who it was because it was covered in blood, what I believe to be blood now, and I saw Ted Beasley.”

Ted Beasley was a close friend of Stanley’s. When his son Donald Beasley testified at the hearing, Donald believed Lynette confused her version of events with a time when he was injured at the Braddy residence in 1968. Donald was six years old at the time. His father and Stan had carried him bleeding from outside into the Braddy kitchen.

The Braddy Home. Photo credit: Daily Mail


In an October 13, 1999 statement to police, Muriel Braddy said that her mother-in-law, Charlotte Braddy, visited their home on the night of the dance and asked them to drive her to her daughter’s home in Kamarooka. They agreed.


Several theories surround the disappearance of Allan Whyte and Maureen Braddy.

Allan and Maureen are still alive.

In her 1999 police statement, Muriel Braddy said she received a phone call from Maureen four weeks after her disappearance. Maureen said she wanted to come home. Muriel heard a male voice in the background saying, “What are you doing?” Then the call terminated.

Maureen and Allan are still alive following their kidnapping from the Stanhope Hotel.

Stanley Braddy initially told people that he believed the young couple met with foul play. He later changed his mind when Muriel convinced him she and Stanley Jr. had seen Maureen in Nagambie, about 94 km east of Bendigo.

Stanley Braddy killed the couple and dumped their bodies in a well and abandoned mineshaft.

The victims’ families believe that Maureen’s body is in a well on the Braddy property, and Allan’s is in an abandoned mineshaft.


According to court documents, Stanley Braddy’s statements to the police occurred on October 13, 1999, in an interview dated February 6, 2003, during a recorded conversation on June 8, 2011, and in another recorded interview dated June 8, 2011.


During the inquest, authorities admitted that the initial investigation into the disappearances was “inadequate.”


Bendigo Coroners Court. Finding Into Death With Inquest (2014). Accessed August 24, 2020.

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