What Happened to Two-Year-Old Thomas Dean Gibson?

His father was later convicted and released from prison, but did he kill the boy?

Tommy Gibson/Statesman Journal
The Gibson family, circa 1992 (L-R) Judy, Karen, Larry, and Lisa Gibson

Stories Change, Father Arrested

Gibson was the last person to see his son alive. Investigators were suspicious of him from the start for a few reasons.

AP Photo/Albany Democrat-Herald

Trial and Conviction

The trial took place in January 1995. Meaghan Good of The Charley Project wrote, “Prosecutors argued that Gibson had a history of abusing his children and was under stress at the time of Thomas’s disappearance, as he had to care for the children while his wife was taking college classes. They theorized that, if he did not accidentally shoot his son, Gibson lost his temper and beat the child to death.”

Larry Gibson/Facebook

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